The APGI publishes the newsletter “Gazette” and presentations from the Information Days and Hot Topic Days.

The “Gazette”

Regularly, the APGI newsletter “Gazette” gives an update on the latest developments and news in the field and informs about upcoming conferences and other events. It is free of charge, sent to all APGI members and can also be downloaded from our website.

Skin & Formulation, 6th Symposium “Current Challenges in skin formultaion” – abstract book


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Further publications.

If the speakers of APGI Information Days agree, their presentations are made available free of charge to all APGI members (upon login).

Here is an example from one of our Information Days and Hot Topic Days:

“Poorly soluble drugs: An industrial perspective on formulations for bio-availability enhancement” Info Day APGI/Gattefossé/Nextpharma – 14th November 2023

  • Lipid-Based Formulations for bioabavailability enhancement for Poorly soluble drugs, Annabel Igonin – Nextpharma, France
  • Advancements in Hot-Melt Extrusion Process Development, Andreas Gryckze – Abbvie, Germany
  • Enabling Formulations – ASD Screening – Case Study, Dr Cyril Lavaud – Sanofi, France
  • In vitro challenges, Prof. Eric Beyssac – University Clermont Auvergne, France
  • Physiologically-Based Biopharmaceutics Models for enhanced formulations, Dr Xavier Pepin – Simulation Plus, France

“Skin & Formulation, 6th Symposium – Current challenges in skin formulation” abstract book

“Parenteral Drug Delivery: Excipients, manufacturing and innovative formulations” – Info Day APGI/EVONIK – 31st May 2022

  • Industrial Scale Manufacturing of PLGA-based Nanomedicines Suitable for Continuous Operations, Maria Camilla Operti – Evonik, Germany
  • Design Considerations for Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems, Andrea Engel – Evonik, Germany
  • CARTs – a new vehicle for nucleic acid delivery with a unique controllable release mechanism, Philipp Heller – Evonik, Germany
  • In situ forming implants for intraocular dexamethasone drug delivery, Corinna Bode – Bayer, Germany
  • LIPEX FLOW – Improving the efficiency of liposomal Manufacturing, By Natalia Zisman – Evonik, Germany
  • Lipid nanoparticles for RNA delivery, Prof. Elias Fattal – University Paris Saclay, France

“TiO2: Challenges and opportunities” Info Day APGI/COLORCON/LONZA – 17th May 2022

  • The EFSA Opinion of E171: a TDMA Perpective, David Lockley – Venator, UK
  • TiO2 free film coating tablet: an example of ongoing development at Sanofi, Marlène Villanie – Sanofi, France

“Colon Targeting” – Hot Topic Day – 30th november 2021

  • Animal models of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. The diversity to overcome the limits and make the better choice, Dr Laurent Dubuquoy – University of Lille, France
  • Time-controlled formulation strategy for colon drug delivery, Prof. Andre Gazzaniga – Universita degli studi di Milano, Italy
  • Advanced in vitro release testing for colon targeting, Dr Frederic Moens – ProDigest, Belgium
  • Drug delivery for the colon: Insights from imaging, Prof. Werner Weitschies – Universitat Greifswald, Germany

“Functional solid oral dosage forms” – Info Day APGI/EVONIK – 1st June 2021

  • Introduction to the EUDRAGIT portfolio for oral drug delivery, Gabriel Payo – Evonik Health Care, France
  • Taste making of bitter actives, Nina Hauschlidt – Evonik Health Care, Germany
  • GI-targeting with EUDRAGIT polymers – form conventional coatings to specific technologies, Felix Hofmann – Evonik Health Care, Germany
  • Compression of matrix tablets and coated multiparticules, Juan Tomé-Alcalde – Evonik Health Care, Germany
  • Poorly soluble formulations – highly efficient cleaning of production equipment, Priya Poduval – Dober, Germany
  • Drug Delivery for Microbiome Therapeutics, Hans Bär – Evonik Health Care, Germany
  • Additive manufacturing of dosage forms: How 3D Printing drives formulations, Dr. Julian Quodbach – University of Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Continuous processing: An attractive option for higher production efficiency, Troels Dalgaard Pedersen – GEA, Germany, Felix Hoffmann – Evonik Health Care, Germany