Young Investigator Award 2023

is granted this year to Nevena Paunovic for the thesis "Development of biomedical Inks for Light-Based 3D Printing of Biodegradable Non-Vascular stents" Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Leroux, Prof. Dr. André Studart


Young Investigator Award 2022

is granted this year to Céline Jaudoin for the thesis "Characterization and evaluation of hydrid systems composed of hyaluronic acid and liposomes for the transtympanic administration of an antioxidan for cochlear implantation." Supervisors: Prof. Amélie Bochat and Prof. Florence Agnely


Young Investigator Award 2021

is granted this year to Raul Diaz Salmeron for the thesis "Directed-mobility and enhanced-adhesion nano-platelets for local drug delivery: towards a new treatment of bladder diseases". Supervisors: Prof. Gilles Ponchel and Prof. Kawthar Bouchemal