Info Day “Innovative processes & formulations to answer current market trends in OSD forms” – 20 June 2023 in Lyon


In addition MEDELPHARM organizes (in collaboration with JRS and Skyepharma) a workshop in its facilities on 19th June afternoon, details here

Agenda of the day

8:30Welcome coffee12:30Lunch
9:00Information on partners & programme13:40Compaction of sensitive Probiotics
Dr Susanne Muschert – University of Lille
Dr Gernot Warnke – JRS
9:20Challenges in oral application, new technologies and their opportunities
Dr Gernot Warnke – JRS
Dr Vanessa Bourgeaux – Skyepharma
Bruno Leclercq – MEDELPHARM
14:20Introducing a Novel Formulation Approach for Poorly Water Soluble APIs
Dr Gernot Warnke – JRS
10:00General considerations in compression
Adrien Pelloux – MEDELPHARM
15:00Coffee break
10:40Coffee break15:30Challenges and innovations in TiO2 free coatings
Alireza Ramtin – JRS
11:10Nanoencapsulation: a new era for ora solid dosage forms
Oksanna Lemasson – LAGEPP
16:10Using rheometry to accelerate your formulation development and control quality
Scott Hemphries – Caleva
11:50Tab-in-tab: a versatile approach to address multiple unmet needs
Dr Vanessa Bourgeaux – Skyepharma
16:50Closing remarks
12:10Soctec: an innovative gastro-retentive formulation
Pauline Tarlet – Skyepharma


Our speakers

Dr Vanessa Bourgeaux, Pharmaceutical Development Project Manager, Skyepharma

Vanessa BOURGEAUX brings 15 years of experience in R&D and pharmaceutical development. She initiated her career at erytech pharma (Lyon, France), where she held the position of global project leader and actively contributed to the development of erythrocytes as drug carriers for oncology and sickle cell disease. In 2020, Vanessa joined Skyepharma, a CDMO specialized in solid oral dosage forms. As project manager in New Product Introduction department, her mission is oriented towards Innovation and collaborative partnerships. Vanessa graduated in organic chemistry and holds a PhD in biochemistry and cellular biology. She is author of 13 publication and 12 patents.

Dr Susanne Florin-Muschert, University of Lille

Since 2010, I’m working as an Associate Professor (tenure) at the University of Lille and fulfill several academic functions, such as the establishment of academic curriculums (especially of the Master 2 Diploma “Pharmacie galénique” and graduate programs for Pharmacy. I am also a member of several workgroup for educational development within the faculty of Pharmacy.

My research work is focused on formulating solid oral dosage forms for controlled release and takes place in the INSERM U 1008 “Advanced Drug Delivery Systems”. I am/was conducting several research projects (in collaboration with industrial partners, such as BASF, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Seppic, Evonik, Lallemand, Lattice Medical& Cousin Biotech), managed the Work package in two Interreg Projects (European Union funding) and collaborated with academic institutions, such as the University of Saarbrucken, Lund and Ghent. Tutoring of PhD students and Master students is also one of my functions.

Schott Humphries, Technical Sales Manager, Caleva

Scott Humphries joined Caleva in 2017 as Technical Sales Manager for the UK, Europe and Middle East Regions. With over 25 years’ experience working with a diverse range of customers in both laboratory and production environments, Scott has a proven ability to help customers overcome complex processing challenges.

Bruno Leclercq, Head of MEDELPHARM Science Lab / Business Development

Bruno Leclercq is a senior pharmacist working in business development at Medelpharm, headquartered in Lyon, France, an international company dedicated to a continuous search for innovative solutions in powder compression and processing technologies in order to create the ultimate tool for scientists in R&D.

Its renowned STYL’One Tableting Instrument has become an industry standard for compaction simulation and challenging powder characterization as well as small scale development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bruno is an experienced pharmaceutical technical Manager with extensive knowledge in solid form technology and processes. He can look back to more than 15 years of International experience in meeting, advising and solving customers’ formulations and production problems in Europe, SEA und the US.

Oksana Lemasson, LAGEPP

Oksana LEMASSON obtained a double degree in pharmacy and a master 2 in industrial cosmetology with a specialization in formulation at the University of Lyon (France). Following her studies, she taught galenics for a year at University to pharmacy students. Wishing to develop her expertise in formulation, she is currently a PhD student at LAGEPP (Lyon, France), in partnership with Skyepharma, and works on the development of lipid-based nanoparticles, from proof of concept to manufacturing process optimization.

Adrien Pelloux, Application laboratory manager, MEDELPHARM

Pharmacist by training, he has held different positions in the pharmaceutical industry, as a liquid and solid manufacturing unit manager, and then as a technical transfer and support manager.

He is currently heading the Medelpharm Science Laboratory, and perform customer trials (powder characterization and compression trials), consulting on tableting issues and trainings. He supports the engineering department on the development of innovative accessories for the STYL’One family.

His area of expertise extends from the physics of powder compaction, transfer of analytical methods, industrial transfers, production management and statistical data analysis.

Alireza Ramtin, Technical Sales Manager, JRS Pharma

Alireza Ramtin is the Technical Sales Manager at JRS Pharma, Coating department. In this role, he is responsible for supporting the customer technically, developing new products with co-operation with JRS Pharma’s R&D team and promoting and selling new products. Alireza Studied Pharmacy at RGUHS University in India followed by a master degree in Bio- and Pharmaceutical analysis in Germany. He enters Coating market in 2016 and he has held different positions like deputy head of R&D.

Pauline TARLET, Skyepharma

Pauline TARLET graduated from CPE Lyon, an engineering school in chemistry, with a specialization in formulation. During her final year internship at Skyepharma, she worked on the development of a gastro-retentive formulation. With the aim of increasing her technical knowledge in galenic development, she is starting a PhD at LAGEPP and Skyepharma, working on the development of a platform of mucoadhesive formulation targeting the gastrointestinal tract.

Dr Gernot Warnke, Head of JRS Pharma’s R&D

In this role, he is responsible for the global network of JRS laboratories offering technical support to customers, carrying out application studies and developing new products for JRS Pharma’s portfolio of excipients and film coatings.

Dr Warnke studied pharmacy in Freiburg, Germany, and holds a PhD in pharmaceutical technology. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical excipients, having worked with major manufacturers of cellulose derivatives and lactose prior to joining JRS Pharma.